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Dear Friends,

On May 16th, 2015, David Wander, Partner of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, will be participating in the 150 mile “Ride to Montauk” bike ride, from Manhattan to the Montauk Lighthouse.  David is using this event to raise money for the A&M Sports Academy’s “Clean Hands for Haiti” Program.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas.  The extreme poverty effects every area of life, from childhood malnourishment to reduced life expectancy, from illiteracy to high unemployment.  Life is harsh and opportunities are few.

Since 2010, Ray Abellard and Andre Murray, co-founders and directors of A&M Sports Academy, a 501(c)(3) organization, have been going to Haiti and “giving back” to the youth with a basketball centered program that provides much more. Via Clean Hands for Haiti, A&M provides educational scholarships and basic social services to 15 Haitian students to attend school in Haiti.  Also, through its annual basketball clinics in the towns of Hinche and Port Au Prince, A&M provides school supplies, clothing and shoes to some 100 kids. Last year at its annual clinics, A&M provided free health screenings and medical check-ups to the children who participated.    This coming year, A&M will continue with its annual basketball clinics and provide school supplies and clothing to its participants.  But to further help the children of Haiti, A&M is partnering with CitiDental Group to also provide free dental cleanings, emergency dental care, and an Oral Hygiene Everyday Care Seminar to those who participate in the basketball clinics and to the 15 Haitian students it sponsors.  All of the funds A&M receives for Clean Hands for Haiti will support the aforementioned services it currently provides.  The funds will also become the seed money to increase the number of Haitian students it sponsors, and to also establish a free and safe community based tutorial center for the A&M sponsored students, with hopes of partnering with local schools to open up the free services to their students.

A&M’s goal “is to give the kids a reason to smile and have hope, and to learn that through four key tenets: grit, determination, respect and confidence, they’ll have a chance to make something of their lives.”

To learn more about Clean Hands for Haiti go to  and for a full documentary:

Please support “Clean Hands for Haiti” by sponsoring my ride.

Donation suggestions:
25¢  a mile = $37.50
50¢ a mile = $75
$1.00 a mile =$150
$2.00 a mile = $300

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated—every dollar counts!
Or send me a check payable to “A&M Sports Academy c/o David Wander, Esq., Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, 605 Third Avenue, NY, NY 10158