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Name: Spencer Weisz
College: University of Princeton
Professional Team: Israeli League, Hapoel Gilboa Galil

2014- 2015 Ivy League Rookie of the Year
2016- 2017 Ivy League Player of the Year

I first had the pleasure of being taught by Ray Abellard while attending Brant Lake Camp in upstate New York. Right away, I could see his precision to detail and the importance of sharpening my focus to get the best out of everything we did together on the court. Throughout all of our workouts, he was challenging me to push myself to limits I did not know I was capable of obtaining, but all the while, he was encouraging and supportive. He stressed to me the important of being consistent with my training. Success doesn’t happen overnight but is a continuous process that is achieved over a long period of time. Finally, the ability to visualize success is one of my main takeaways from Ray. To this day prior to games, I go over in my head different scenarios I might find myself in and visualize a successful outcome over and over again whether it’s making the right pass, seeing the ball go in the hoop, beating the offensive player to a spot on defense, etc. Basketball aside, Ray is a great person willing to help young student athletes strive to accomplish their dreams. Fortunately, I was able to learn under Ray and now can say I will fulfill dream of playing professional basketball in Israel this upcoming year.