Travel Team

A&M Sports Academy Travel Teams focus centrally around the development of the student athletes in our program. Thus it’s not about winning or losing, but about the development and improvement of their overall game. The A&M Travel Teams are focused around A&M’s 5 key tents of loyalty,respect, confidence, grit, and determination, exemplifying  team comradery and a family atmosphere.  To be a part of our Travel Team you must attend either A&M weekend clinics or work with Ray/Dre.

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7th grade crew

A&M All Day

A&M wins 1st place 14U tournament at "Hooperstown Jamboree"

A&M wins 1st place 13/14U "Big Shots" tournament in Jersey

A&M wins 1st place tournament at Live City 14U "Uptown Showdown"

6th grade crew

7th grade Travel

11th grade travel team

11th grade travel team

11th grade travel team with Alejo Rodriquez

6th grade travel team- Great team work

6th grade team focus on game plan

Ready to play- 6th grade travel team

11th grade travel team