Leadership Development Program

A&M Sports Academy’s Leadership Development seminars were developed to give our young student athletes exposure to professionals who will speak to them about the realities of life and how to manage the many obstacles they may face as they mature. These seminars will provide our student athletes a different perspective on life as the guest speakers will have diverse professional backgrounds and experiences. These “down to earth” talks will not only impact the athletes’ performance on the court, they will also positively impact the student athletes’ character off the court.

Leadership Seminar


Gary Bowen, 20yrs retired police officer and Hofstra Grad. Comes to share knowledge on our first Leadership Seminar.


rom left, Chris Collins, one of the world's top Fashion Models spoke to the student athletes about commitment, dedication, and following your dreams. From right, Tyrone Redz AKA "ManChild stopped by A&M to shed light on his youth experiences growing up in the hardship that led him to the success he ...


Lil Durk, Recording Artist from Def Jam Recordings stopped by to show some love to the student athletes of A&M.


Tyrone Redz AKA "ManChild" leads Leadership Seminar.


A&M All Day


A&M All-Star Weekend Shootout Champs


Lil Durk, posting with the A&M boys.


A&M All Day


Leadership Seminar